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The name fully justifies itself - a miracle greenhouse - A good vintage, made with your own hands

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Sale of fertile land in St. Petersburg

There is a great opportunity to conveniently and profitably buy excellent fertile soil at Udachny Urozhai, which has been selling wonderful natural materials and fertilizers for many years. The company receives all materials only from proven partners: agricultural farms of exemplary content from environmentally friendly areas.

Sale of fertile land in St. Petersburg.

There is a great opportunity to conveniently and profitably buy excellent fertile soil in the company "Successful Harvest", which has been selling wonderful natural materials and fertilizers for many years. The company receives all materials only from proven partners: agricultural farms of exemplary content from ecologically clean areas.

Fertile substrate can be purchased packaged in bags (60 l) or in bulk. The company has a flawlessly adjusted cargo delivery service to any address of the region by specialized vehicles of its own fleet. The opportunity to receive a paid order on the terms of shipment at own expense from shipping points, which are located near the outbound routes from St. Petersburg, is organized.

Orders are taken daily by phone or in person at the client’s office.

Contact the company "Lucky Harvest" today, and you will be provided with timely preparation for the season of growing an unprecedented harvest!

Description of the greenhouse

“A successful harvest” knowingly received such a name. This is a building that not only performs its immediate task: protects seedlings, but also contributes to higher yields.

All recent years on the market there is a huge demand for sale of such garden structures. And this is despite the fact that their manufacturers do not bother to develop large-scale advertising campaigns.

Just gardeners, seeing such a creation in the neighboring area, and, convinced of its effectiveness, acquire it for themselves.

In the photo below you can see the greenhouse "Good Harvest" in disassembled and assembled form, as well as examples of its placement:

Advantages of the design

  • in the shop for sale fully ready for installation A kit that does not require the purchase of additional components, you can assemble a greenhouse miracle with your own hands,
  • weight of 4-meter set - only 2 kg. It fits easily even in the back seat of a car,
  • covering canvas will serve at least five years,
  • The seedlings in the greenhouse are perfectly protected from sudden frosts, pests and heavy precipitation. It adapts well inside the greenhouse and grows stronger
  • inside the structure creates a favorable climate, prolonging the growing season,
  • kit convenient to store and transport from place to place, it is set up in five minutes and does not take up much space in the area allotted for a vegetable garden.

Durable and rigid plastic pipes with a diameter of 20 mm are used for the framework.

From them arcs are obtained with a height of 80 and a width of 120 cm. They are bent loosely and fairly light in weight.. Their number depends on the length of the product.

The frame does not rot and does not rust, resists heat well, does not collapse in the cold. It is easily and quickly installed on the ground.

The arcs are firmly sewn into the covering material. Shelter serves heat bonded nonwoven fabric density of 40 g / m2, which is easily shifted, which is very convenient for watering seedlings. The greenhouse is made of high-tech materials. This allows you to wash it even at home,

What plants are suitable for growing?

Even if a person has never engaged in gardening, he not difficult to install a greenhouse and get with it quality seedlings.

Quite well, you can grow a crop of lettuce and radish in a greenhouse. And, of course, it is mainly intended for the cultivation of cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes.

Installation method

The construction will be able to any gardener who does not have special construction skills. For this you need to act in stages:

  1. Open the package. At the same time, try to act carefully so as not to spoil the covering canvas.
  2. Stretch the folding greenhouse along the ridge in the selected direction.
  3. Fasten its end parts. This should be done with a little tension.
  4. Next, set the pegs to the ends of the arcs.
  5. Firmly stick the pegs into the ground, tamp it loosely.
  6. Secure the material at the end of each arc with clips so that it is convenient to water the seedlings and spud them.


The greenhouse "Successful harvest" is a very profitable acquisition, which will pay for itself in the shortest possible time.

It provides maximum crop protection from adverse external factors, retains moisture, which allows you to spend half the water for irrigation of vegetable crops.

Greenhouse will be an excellent investment of money. It will not only serve faithfully for several years in a row, but will also become a real decoration of the dacha.

A small video about the greenhouse "Harvest Good":


Agrofilm "Harvest"
- a good choice for greenhouses and greenhouses

LLC NPK "Phosphor-Platan"

  • increases the total yield of late-ripening vegetable crops by 15-45%,
  • increases the yield of early ripe vegetable crops by 1.5-1.6 times,
  • shortens the maturation period of the first harvest by 1.5-2 weeks,
  • creates the possibility of simultaneously collecting vegetables for 1-1.5 months,
  • allows even in the middle lane to get instead of one - two cauliflower crops, three - radishes and greens,
  • doubles (2.10-2.25%) the content of vitamin C in peppers and salad crops,
  • forms stable root systems, resistant stems, non-floating leaves.

It has long been known that the spectral composition of light falling on a green leaf of a plant affects its growth and, as a result, its productivity. The most useful in this regard are the rays of the visible region of light, while ultraviolet inhibits the development of plants, and an excess of infrared radiation can cause burns and death of plants.
As a result of many years of scientific research, a tool has been found that makes it possible to extract the maximum benefit from the sun's rays. Scientists have proposed to use as a covering material films with light-converting properties, well proven in practice.
Over time, improved technology, changing generations of films.
The agrofilm "Harvest" represents the last third generation of light-transforming films. It differs significantly from previous analogues and surpasses them in strength, light-transforming qualities and environmental safety.
Thanks to a special light-transforming additive introduced into its composition, the “Harvest” agrofilm absorbs ultraviolet radiation in the region of 0.28–0.4 μm, harmful for plant growth, and converts it into useful radiation of visible sunlight.
In addition, this film has the ability to reflect infrared rays. As a result, the day under the film is a little cooler than under normal, and at night, on the contrary, it is warmer. As a result, the average daily temperature profile is smoothed out, which in turn has a beneficial effect on the development of plants.
According to the Norwegian Agricultural University, when growing cucumbers of the Farbiola variety, the increase in average daily temperature from 15 to 25 degrees accelerated ripening by 1.6 days for every 1 degree and increased the average yield in the first 8 weeks after transplanting by 0.54 kg / m2 for every 1 degree.

To obtain the maximum effect from the use of the agrofilm "Harvest" it is recommended to cover the plants at the earliest stages immediately after sowing. Then an optimal microclimate is created for the development of seedlings, which is very important for the effective formation of the root system, which means normal growth and fruiting of the plants.
For the rest, agrotechnology does not differ from the generally accepted one.
In cases of the use of agrofilms "Harvest" inside glass greenhouses, to achieve maximum effect, you should use the backlight with ultraviolet or fluorescent lamps, since ordinary glass almost completely does not let the UV radiation of the sun through. If UV illumination is not used, then the film will work only for heat preservation.

Light-transforming agrofilm "Harvest" contains:

  • high grade polyethylene or its very strong copolymers,
  • organic light stabilizers and inorganic light transformers and light diffusers,
  • metal-film contact stabilizers,
  • infrared absorbers and reflectors.

Description and characteristics

Potato harvester "Harvest" - is a unique tool that will facilitate the work of the gardener and the gardener when harvesting potatoes.

Material - steel, the teeth are made of steel 45 (circle 12mm)


  • allows you to lift the entire bush of the entire plant to the surface
  • equipped with a comfortable pedal and lever,
  • allows you to install the device at some distance from the bush, which prevents the piercing and cuts of root crops,
  • eases the load on the back and arms,
  • harvest speed increases 4-5 times,
  • minimizes possible loss of root crops.

Watch the video: Thorium. (November 2019).